Our Team

Wilox is managed by a diverse, effective group of individuals. Our team is comprised of nine students, seven of whom represent three class years and five majors at the College of the Holy Cross. This diversity facilitates innovation and unique perspectives, while our distinct backgrounds enable us to effectively and creatively approach the different facets of creating the Wilox finish.

Wilox fosters a positive, motivating work environment, assuring all members recognize their value to the company. A shared interest in entrepreneurship brought Wilox together, but it is the camaraderie, leadership, and collective vision that makes us a remarkable, enduring team.

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Paul Wiley, President and Co-Founder

Paul Wiley is a junior at the College of the Holy Cross, majoring in chemistry. Using his chemistry background, he started Wilox in January of 2018. Prior to Wilox, he founded PW Industries (wileyind.com) which specializes in making hand crafted corporate gifts.

In addition to being an inventor of the Wilox finish, Paul’s role is business development. Last summer, he interned at Safe Fleet in Charlotte, NC to learn how to run a large company. In addition to school, he was the youngest student to win the Holy Cross Shark Tank Competition in 2017. He will be attending the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth during the 2019 summer.

He is from Bow, New Hampshire.


Luke Knox, CEO and Co-Founder

Luke Knox is a freshman at the College of the Holy Cross. He co-founded Wilox in January of 2018 along with Paul Wiley. From a young age, Luke was always interested in business. From shoveling neighbors’ driveways in the winter to hosting lemonade stands in the summer, he has always had a passion for client interaction. In addition to being an inventor of the Wilox finish, Luke is the head of marketing, research, and employee management at Wilox. Luke’s goal is to make the world a cleaner and healthier place for all.

He is from Falmouth, Massachusetts.


Mary Anne Wiley, COO

Mary Anne Wiley is a freshman at the College of the Holy Cross. Currently, she is the company’s internal consultant and director of manufacturing. Since seventh grade, she has been helping her brother Paul learn how to run a business and fulfill high volume orders. Mary Anne is also on the women’s varsity golf team at Holy Cross.

She is from Bow, New Hampshire.

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Nolan Howard, Market Research

Nolan has always been drawn to business and entrepreneurship. Likewise, cultural patterns and human society pique his interest and he is thus pursuing a degree in sociology from the College of the Holy Cross. Currently, Nolan is working with Wilox, employing his curiosity in marketing and attention to detail.

He is from Thetford, Vermont.

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Joseph Egan, Director of Marketing

Joseph Egan is a senior psychology major at the College of the Holy Cross. He spent this past summer working in marketing for IBM at Ogilvy and Mather in NYC, and he was on the winning team of the 2018 Holy Cross Marketing Innovation Competition. Along with school, he is the captain of the Men’s Golf Team.

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Michael Brown, Market Analysis

Michael Brown is a senior at the College of the Holy Cross. He studies political science and works in the Worcester Congressman’s Office. As a member of Wilox, he is driven by innovation and is passionate about finding new ways to succeed.

He is from Los Angeles, California.

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Eric Lane, Product Manager

Eric Lane is a sophomore economics major at the College of the Holy Cross. Growing up, he spent several years working at Coed Sportswear, a T-shirt printing company in Newfields, NH, where he became a warehouse manager overseeing printing operations. Interested in entrepreneurship, Eric joined Wilox in the fall of 2018 to learn more about product development.

He is from Newfields, New Hampshire.

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John Bowen, User Research

John Bowen is a freshman at the College of the Holy Cross. Before going to college, he started Bowen Snow Removal while he was living in Florida to serve his old neighborhood in the Greater Chicago Area. John grew the business from six initial clients to thirty clients, with six employees. When Luke and Paul were conducting interviews for a position at Wilox, they knew John’s experience would be helpful. John currently plays varsity golf at Holy Cross.

He is from Jupiter, Florida.


Greg Pickart, Risk Management

Greg Pickart is a junior at Tufts University, majoring in computer science and mathematics. After working with Paul and Luke over the summer, Greg joined Wilox in the fall of 2018. Greg has a passion for transforming ideas into reality and finding creative solutions to big problems. His role is risk management and works on the companies legal actions.

He is from Woods Hole, Massachusetts

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Samuel Koss, Leading Consultant

Samuel Koss is a freshman at the University of Miami Business School seeking a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in Finance. Samuel focuses on establishing analytical and communicational skills that can be utilized in the workforce. Simultaneously, Samuel has began to explore the fields of Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship and Health Sector Management. Samuel will apply these critical skills to help further Wilox and its business development.

He is from Falmouth, Massachusetts.